Specializing in container grown Monterrey Oak trees

The Monterrey Oak

(Quercus Polymorpha / Mexican White Oak)

The vast majority of the trees grown at the JW Tree Farm are of the Monterrey Oak
variety, and for good reason -- these are truly outstanding trees with all the qualities
desired in a tree for your home or business.

  • Known to be quite a rapidly growing tree during its youth and spreading wide
    and full as it matures
  • Very well adapted to South, Central, and West Texas, this Mexico native
    originated around Monterrey, and therefore its common name
  • Leaves stay green year around, with shedding in February followed by a
    quick return of leaves within 2 to 3 weeks
  • Large leathery leaves begin as a light bronze/pinkish color, and are
    too thick for cut ants to feast on
  • Not a "messy" tree, no sap droppings (such as Live Oak or Pecan) which
    make it ideal to park vehicles under or grow lawn grass
  • Drought tolerant, and adapts well to acid, alkaline, or neutral soils
  • Highly disease and pest resistant
  • Not affected by Live Oak Wilt, even when planted in the same location as trees
    previously destroyed by it
  • Strong and stout tree, holding up well to heat and high winds
  • A wonderful shade tree growing 40 to 60 feet tall

JW Tree Farm Monterrey Oak trees are said to be of the purest variety, and are
grown from acorns gathered around the Monterrey Mexico area. Grown in containers,
they are easily transported and can be planted anytime during the year.

The Monterrey Oak pictured above is just over 10 years old.

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